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Welcome to our website, the trusted destination for UK visa application services. We are a professional UK visa agent dedicated to simplifying and expediting the visa application process. Our team of experienced professionals provides personalized guidance and ensures all your documents are in order. With our assistance, you can confidently navigate the complexities of the UK visa requirements and submit a successful application. Trust us to handle your UK visa needs efficiently and start your journey to the United Kingdom today.

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Documents for the UK Tourist Visa application.

  • Passport with a validity of 06 months from the intended date of departure from the territory of the Member States It shall contain at least two blank pages to affix the visa and should be along with all old passport booklets
  • Application From.
  • Photo Specification: 2 Recent Colour Photographs (Fresh ones i.e. NOT used earlier for any visa), 35mm x 45mm. White Background, Matte/ glossy finish, 80% Face coverage, Non-smiling face, without spectacles,  no head covering unless the applicant wears such items because of their religious belief or ethnic background.

If a Businessperson, then the following documents are required:

  • Covering Letter on the business letterhead, Addressed to The British High Commission, New Delhi mentioning the.
  • Company’s Income Tax Return of last 3 years.
  • Company’s 6 months Bank statement.
  • Personal Income Tax Return of last 3 years.
  • Personal 6 months original Bank statement.

If a salaried person (Employee), then the following documents are required:

  • 3 months salary slip with the company stamp.
  • Personal Income Tax Return of last 3 years.
  • Personal 6 months original Bank statement with Bank Seal with Signature.

Visa Fees

  • Short-term (up to 6 months, single or multiple entry) Rs. 11,000/-
  • Document scanning charges Rs. 500/-
  • Priority fees Rs. 23520/-
  • Service Charges Rs 1500/-

Processing Time

  • Minimum Approx 45 Working Day


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