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kuwait work visa stamping

Are you planning to travel to Kuwait for work or leisure? One of the essential steps in your journey is obtaining a Kuwait visa, which involves a series of processes including visa stamping. If you’re in Kolkata, this can be streamlined with the help of a professional visa stamping agent. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the essentials of Kuwait visa stamping and introduce you to the services provided by agents in Kolkata.

visa stamping document 

1) Original Passport with minimum 06 Months Validity
2) Two recent camera click clear Photos (35x45mm size)
3) Visa Original From Kuwait
4) Original PCC from PSK Office
5) Original Medical from Gamca Any Branch in India

Processing time

12 to 15 working days

Call – +91-7278162908 / +91-7003242044


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