New Entry Fee in Bhutan for Indian Tourists from July 2020

New Entry Fee in Bhutan, the land of Thunder Dragon is a tiny landlocked country in the lap of Himalaya. It’s the country of Monasteries, beautiful landscapes and the valleys. This is the country that invented the idea of Gross National Happiness to measure the development instead of Gross Domestic Product. Bhutan is often referred to as the happiest kingdom of the world. This is also the only country that completely bans the sale and production of tobacco products. It has become a carbon negative country by absorbing more than 6 million tonnes of carbon per year. There is something for all types of tourists, be it a memorable bespoke tour, a trekking holiday or a spiritual retreat.

According to the Tourism Council of Bhutan’s Annual Report, India is the main source of visitors (more than 69%). July 2020 onward, the country is going to be a little expensive for tourists. Entry into Bhutan will no longer be free for Indian tourists. The Bhutan government on 3rd February 2020 passed legislation imposing an entry, fee known as ‘Sustainable Development Fee’. Tourists from India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives. The fee will be levied from July 2020. So as per the new regulation tourists from India, Bangladesh and Maldives will have to pay a fee to enter and stay in the country. The Rs. 1200 per day for a person above the age of 18 years, while for children aged 6 to 12, this fee has been fixed at Rs. 600 per day. Which means traveling to Bhutan will be expensive by 15 percent. Currently, Indians do not have to pay any entry fees to visit Bhutan. New Entry Fee in Bhutan for the Indian passport holder.

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