Passport FAQ’s

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1. How to check the Indian Passport Application Status?

It needs to be mentioned that once the application is filed it goes through various stages like under review, printed, dispatched etc. Tracking the status shows which stage of the process the passport application is in.

2. Procedure for Police Verification of Indian Passport

There are a few cases where police verification is not required. If the applicant wants to know what he/she is required to do in order to get the police verification done, applicants can log into the passport seva website.

3. How does the processing of Indian Passport Applications at Passport Seva Kendras works?

While applying for a passport, an individual is required to visit the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) on the date of appointment to finish the last part of the application process. Final verification and approval of the passport application takes place at Passport Seva Kendra

4. How To Check ECR/ECNR Passport Status?

The ECR and ECNR denotes whether the passport holder needs emigration clearance for travelling to the specific 18 countries listed by the Government of India. The information regarding the status of ECR/ECNR is provided on the second page of the passport.

5. How To Change The Address in the Indian Passport Application Form?

The passport holder can update the address by applying for a re-issue of the passport. The person can do it online or offline according to their convenience.

6. How can Government Employees Apply For an Indian Passport?

The individual has to first send ‘Prior Intimation ‘(PI) letter to the controlling authority before applying for the passport. This is required to be done to speed up the whole application process. The rest of the process is mostly similar to the process followed by ordinary citizens of the country.

7. How many days does it take to get an Indian Passport?

When a normal application is filed, the passport is issued to the applicant within 30-45 days while if the application is made under the Tatkaal mode, the passport is issued within 7-14 days.

8. What are Type P Passport in India?

Type P passports are regular passports which are issued to ordinary citizens of the country. The passport can be used to travel to foreign countries for personal trips, business trips, educational purposes, etc. In Type P passports, ‘P’ stands for ‘personal’.

9. Is having a permanent address necessary while applying for an Indian passport?

Having a permanent address is not mandatory while applying for an Indian passport. However, the applicant needs to provide the current address which will be endorsed in the issued passport.

10. What is a Red passport in India?

The Diplomatic passport which is issued to Indian diplomats, top-ranked government officials and diplomatic couriers is known as a ‘Red Passport’ in the country. The passport has a maroon cover and is also known as ‘Type D’ passport.

11. Which is the passport issuing authority in India?

The passport issuing authority in the country is the concerned Regional Passport Office(RPO) where all the important decisions with regards to the passport are taken.

12. What is the validity of the Indian passport?

The Indian passport which is issued to the ordinary residents of the country is valid for a period of 10 years. For a minor, the validity is restricted to a maximum of 5 years.

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