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Visa Forms


  • Original Valid passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of travel along with all old passports.
  • 2 Photographs (Fresh ones i.e. NOT used earlier for any visa Passport Size 35 mm x 45mm, colored photo up to shoulder level with white background taken within 6 months, with 60% face covered in it.
  • Photocopy of the 1st, 2nd, and last page of the passport is mandatory.
  • Covering Letter (Separate for each applicant), addressed to The Visa Officer, Taipei Economic and Cultural Center, New Delhi.
  • Stay Itinerary (hotel)/Invitation letter.
  • Request letter from sponsor/hotel booking and tour itinerary.
  • Travel Itinerary (Ticket) (No Ticket Itinerary). The dates on the ticket should match with the cover letter, form, etc.
  • Original Bank Statement personal and company, bank statement of the employee should be of the salary account only, the statement is required for the last 6 months with the Bank Seal and Signatures of the authorizing Signatory and to date, Showing a balance of Rs 40,000/- per head.
  • Last year`s Company Income Tax Returns, as well as Personal Income Tax Returns, should be DIGITALLY SIGNED (with barcode only).
    • If ITR is not there, then Form 16 is required with RIGHT/TICK MARK Form 16 with QUESTION MARK will not be accepted at all.

Visa Fees

Single Entry – Rs-3,300/-  Per Application

Processing Time

Normal – Minimum 3-4 working days after receipt of Approval

Singapore Business Visa Documentalist

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